Print Design and Graphics

We design more than just websites. Making real, tangible stuff is fun too. We've done stickers, pinback buttons, t-shirts, cover art and packaging for bands and musicians, and EDDM mailers. We'll take on anything that's a unique hands-on challenge.

Stickers and Buttons

Stickers are some of our favorite promotional products. Whether they're rectangles, squares, circles, or die-cut into unusual shapes, the stickers we design and work with our vendor to manufacture are high-quality weatherproof vinyl, so they can be rained on, snowed on, pissed on, dish-washed, and treated as roughly as you fancy and they'll still be good-as-new. 

Die-cut sticker for Plainspoke's Observation Notes album release.
Circle stickers for Slang Cookies


Slang Cookies - 2019
Metro Metal Detectors - 2018
The Important Questions Podcast - 2017
Hoomagram - 2015
Lakeside Country Club - 2014

Album Cover Art and Packaging

Cover art for Plainspoke's album Observation Notes
Cover art for Fresh's mixtape Apply Pressure
Cover art for dream folk band The Dead & the Daylily's debut EP

Digital Prints

Our digital art prints are more of a personal passion than work, but they have inspired some of our client projects. They are available for purchase. If interested, send us an email at

"Delicate Touch", digital print.
"Revolver", digital print.
"Tree", digital print.