Slang Cookies delivers freshly baked cookies in Denver.

Slang is informal language, often shared among small groups.

Slang Cookies makes huge, freshly baked cookies that are meant for sharing with friends, family, and anyone else that you're close enough to break-cookie with.

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The Details

Slang Cookies needed more than just a website. As a startup starting with nothing, they needed full branding, so we created a bold, comic-style logo and color scheme, along with promotional stickers, ingredients labels, EDDM mailers, and more. 

On the web end, they wanted a relatively affordable, easy-to-maintain site that could process online orders (and handle tips), manage their delivery drivers, and connect to a POS system to meet future needs. 

The Results

After a bit of research, we decided that the best platform to meet their needs was Shopify. Working within their budget, we modified an existing theme to streamline the checkout process, bringing in food ordering and delivery capabilities (with calculated rates by mileage), custom Javascript to handle tipping, and SMS notifications to customers.

With low month-to-month overhead, Shopify gives them the flexibility they need right now with the capability to grow alongside their business in future.