Plainspoke is a Denver-based rapper making conscious hip-hop music.

Plainspoke is a Denver-based rapper making conscious hiphop music. 

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The Details

Our journey with Plainspoke began in creating cover art for his album Observation Notes, released in May 2019. Some say album art doesn't matter anymore, but we think it's more important than ever. 

As streaming dominates the music industry, eye-catching cover art is critical in attracting potential listeners browsing through hundreds if not thousands of new releases. We started in cover art, but quickly expanded to stickers, t-shirts, and other promotional merchandise. And then, naturally, we turned our attention to his website. 

The Results

We developed a Wordpress theme to make future editing easy for anyone on his team, with a custom admin interface for adding new music pages. There's room for streaming links, cover art, track lists and lyrics. We worked with Plainspoke to create a minimalist aesthetic that mirrors his intricate but accessible music.