McLean County Museum of History is an AAM Accredited local history museum in Bloomington, Illinois.

From Abraham Lincoln, to farming and State Farm Insurance, there's more to McLean County's history than meets the eye.

McLean County Museum of History is an AAM-accredited local history museum located in the old county courthouse in historic downtown Bloomington, Illinois 

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The Details

Relaunched in late 2018, the redesigned McLean County Museum of History website needed to reflect the changing focuses of the Museum. More people than ever were accessing the Museum's finding aids, biographies and other online resources, but they were time-consuming to add, categorize, and maintain. They needed a better solution. 

The Results

We transitioned the site from Perch CMS to Perch Runway to take advantage of Perch Runway's Collections feature, which vastly simplified the editing process for the Museum's finding aids, allowing them to add hundreds of content items in a matter of hours rather than the weeks (or months) it would have taken previously. Additionally, we made full use of Runway's page routing system, which made the Museum site feel very fast, and followed WCAG 2.0 Accessibility Guidelines, yielding a website that's more accessible to visitors and researchers alike.