About Us

Aguamelon is a boutique firm that designs and develops custom ecommerce websites.

What's the deal with the name?

Once upon a time, on a camping trip in Great Sand Dunes National Park with a few friends, there was a picnic. For dessert, there was watermelon, but there was more watermelon to be had than people to have it. Someone decided that we'd bring the remaining half of the watermelon on a hike through the dunes. As we walked, the watermelon was handed from one person to the next, ultimately ending up in my hands. 

It was a windy day, and sand quickly coated the melon's bright red flesh, making it shimmer in the sun like bits of glitter. We walked, and walked, and I still carried the watermelon, even though it had moved beyond edible. 

There was something vaguely spiritual about carrying such a heavy and increasingly less-useful thing up and over dune after dune...anyway, when we returned to camp and I set down the watermelon at last, I thought that Watermelon would be a good business name. Unfortunately, someone had already taken it, so I opted for the next best thing: Aguamelon.

Meet the Team (of one)

Gary Iverson
Do-er of Everything

Hi! I've got an eye for the sorts of details that most people miss. I'm kind of a perfectionist, and kind of a minimalist.